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Great Article on the benifits of short workouts thoughout the day

Posted by garth melville on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 07:22 AM

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Teaching Good Sportsmanship at home on a game court

Posted by garth melville on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 02:33 PM

"I'm not going to play anymore!  You're cheating!"
"Am not!  You're just a sore loser!"

Learning how to be a good loser may be even more important in the long run than learning how to be a good player.  One of the best aspects of having Sport Court Game Court at your home is that your home will be the place kids in the neighborhood come to play, and you will have a chance to help your kids understand what good sportsmanship is really all about.  Research has shown that teaching good sportsmanship with a Game Court is one of the primary, unexpected side benefits that parents gain when they install one in their home or backyard.

What is Good Sportsmanship?
Sportsmanship is about having respect for other people, and showing courtesy and good manners no matter whether we win or lose.  Even more, sportsmanship is enjoying an activity for its own sake, regardless of whether we win or lose.  Moreover, a person who is a "good sport" knows how to cheer for the success of others, and is not always worried about themselves.  

Sportsmanship is an invaluable life skill
Competition is a fact of life in not only sports, but in school, and later in work.  So learning how to be a good sport and how to win or lose gracefully is a skill that carries on in many circumstances.  Whether your child faces the challenge of being thoughtful in responding to a friend who failed a test, or handling the congratulations from the losing baseball team, they will draw upon what they have learned about good sportsmanship from their parents when playing on the family Game Court.

How does a Game Court Help in Teaching Good Sportsmanship?
There are rules to any game and a home gaming space is the perfect teaching tool to develop "rules" into Sportsmanship. Moreover, sportsmanship is all about our relationships and how we treat one another.  When families install a Game Court, they spend more time talking and playing together, which gives parents many more opportunities to teach by example and through words.  The rewards come when you overhear your kid's conversations with friends:

"Great game! You sure outplayed me this time."
"I just got some lucky shots today.  Want to play again tomorrow?
"Sure!  See you on the Game Court after school!"

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Keep your kids active with a Game Court

Posted by garth melville on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 10:48 AM

"Hey, Mom, can Josh and Daniel come over to play after school?"
"Sure, what are you going to do?"
"We were going to play some basketball.  Daniel's brother is on the high school team and taught him some great plays.  Now Daniel's gonna show them to us!"

Do you wish you had more conversations like this at your house?  Having neighborhood kids play together outside until the moms all called everyone in to dinner used to be a part of every kid's life.  These days, children sometimes rush home from school and run straight to a video game console instead. How can you help get your family to spend more time playing outdoors?

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